you can try

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but the only thing you can change of a person is their perspective towards things.


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amazing isn’t it?
or should i say,

a flick of a finger
either in health or not,
or crusty or zesty
and you’re dead!

no no… this isn’t something depressing.

it’s just that once in awhile
we forget to smell the roses,
(or the armpit, if that rocks your boat)

yea, you definitely know where this shall lead to
i’ll end this sappy thingy

right here. :)

“Here comes a new Challenger!”

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fun isn’t it?
to be dimissed off easily,
foretelling you of your doomed existence,
of being just a home boy;

oh what challenges!


i won’t tell you,
but i’ll do a superb jig
when i finally prove your elders wrong!



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so weak,
we find strength,
totally depending on others
or maybe just one other.

do we have to?
are we risking it all?


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thank you.
thank you.
thank you.

for abusing my kindness.

thank you.

human interface

•July 26, 2010 • 1 Comment

the world goes round anyway
but what of the pains and joys
is only just the human interface

oh how we could all be master psychics…


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