of global warming (or is climate change more appropriate now?)

reading can definitely make you smarter. or dumber. it depends on how much of the information you believe in, and how much information do you actually have.

come to think of it, is it really information you’re really reading? or some copped out jing gang that someone come up with, while sipping coffee and smoking weed.

who knows, eh?

take global warming. or climate change. whatever. for years we’ve been told the planet’s getting hotter. “gotta save the earth”. “taxes for oil/gas/coal usage”. “carbon credits”. brilliant!

now, this all comes when China and India are having their turn to fully develop. and the fact that the oil/gas/coal is going scarcer by the day. one masterstroke to line your pocket, eh Al Gore?

being more conservative is all good. excesses of anything is bad. i mean anything. it’s plain obvious the ugliness plastic bags can bring about when they’re mismanaged. or that those belching smoke kills people as if like a WMD. same goes as having too much of MacDonald’s.

but when fear is used worldwide, and it affects everyone (not rich enough to “move” the world), i wonder, if more and more of us are being misled.

we’re being more technologically advanced, and more connected to boot. but where’s the Einsteins or Da Vincis or Newtons?

are we becoming too “smart” as a society, that we don’t have to think for ourselves anymore? that all things will somehow be solved by someone someday?

what’s more worrisome: you and i are definitely affluent enough to make some change in this world. that fact is obvious since i’m typing this on a pc, beamed it to the web, and you’re loading it up and reading it too (either PC, smartphone, or whatever).

yet we’re still so passive, while the hungry around us are yearning for a better place to live.

i’m so far guilty myself.

~ by thepretentious1 on May 31, 2009.

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