Thursday rants!

for those riding motorbikes, as much as there is a need for cars and lorry and what not to be on a look out for you guys, it’s really not helping anyone that you ride as if this is some sort of an arcade game. Or that you have the rights to ride on the lane markings and think you actually deserve that little space. Those motorized cages can always just run you down and say they didn’t see you.

those riding motorbikes and pillioning their loved ones (those knights giving fair ladies a gallantly ride), atleast tell her to wear some long pants and shoes. you’ll wouldn’t dump her if you skidded and fall at a mere 40km/h just because of the nasty scars that you’ve caused, would you?.

ladies taking a ride, think!
[/end rant]

hmm this is somethink: with all the obsessions with entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment, who’s going to produce them? and are the people making those stuffs (the tireless workers, not the CEO or some bigwigs) getting entertained too? speaking of entertainment, with everyone just wanting to enjoy, who’s actually doing the dirty work? they getting paid as much as those glittery people? meow!

how about the production of food then? with all the belching manufacturing plants peppering up everywhere, who’s feeding? and who’s feeding the one’s feeding us all fatties? meow!

i wonder if global warming is just another smokescreen to share the blame for the inequity that’s being created for the bigwigs to exploit the poor

~ by thepretentious1 on May 21, 2009.

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