A Kingyo named Ponyo

I got to admit this one came as a surprise to me myself. The very first time I saw the poster, i thought “Well, that’s an interesting story to be told.” Indeed it was. Part fairy tale, part tree hugging propaganda, part family story, part love story, part filial to elderly lessons. All in a very lively animation, wonderfully coloured, expressively drawn.

Long story short, this is a tale of a Goldfish’s yearning to become human. Why human? Because of the bond formed with a little wise boy (5 years old) who saved her life when she got her head stuck in a glass bottle. Magic and lore and the environment (think save the ocean, don’t pollute) play a big part in this semi adventure, which is neither too serious nor paper thin. This is thanks to the wide variety of characters developed in this 100 minute film. Not just the spoken words has been used to do this, but the action and expressions were nicely drawn to make them come alive.

I’d give this one 4 out of 5, just because it made me happy, and I suggest you watch it too~!


On a side note, I’ll be removing the need to authenticate before anyone can leave comments. It’s not as if I’m so damn popular that I’ll be flooded with comments. :P

~ by thepretentious1 on January 4, 2009.

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