Effects of a grey day

it’s really nice, this constant drizzle throughout the day, cool and breezy. melancholic. makes me wanna run in it and just have fun. but doing it alone kinda make you look like a nut case, so i’ll wait again. :)

talking of melodramatic, there’s an Otsuka Ai song from her new album which makes me wonder, “Why do alot of girls have to go through this?”

Ningyou (人形) – Ai Otsuka

Wanting to be a good girl,
I gave up all of my freedom
I would have become a boy even,
had mother wished for it

The pregnant little girl walked around
cutting her heels on shards of glass,
heading towards her own execution grounds

I feel no pain, I feel no joy
as my heart slowly begins to die,
starting from the surface of my face

All I ever wanted was friends
and so I chose them with reckless abandonment
I only wanted someone to treat me gently,
and so I moved in with a man

If only I had taken more care of myself
then I could’ve become more human
instead of this empty, emotionless doll

This pain I feel, this loneliness I feel
Yet nobody is here to save me

I’ll try my best in the city
and so I wished upon a star:
“I want to become human”

(i managed to run in the rain eventually today. ;)


~ by thepretentious1 on December 24, 2008.

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